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Polar Bears

Bowdoin Class of 1912 Polar Bears

We 3D scanned the polar bear. Now we are printing a few for some special friends of the Maker Space who will be visiting for reunion this weekend.

“The Class of 1912 presented a sculpture of the polar bear to the College in 1937. It is a life size granite statue designed by Frederic George Richard Roth. The figure stands in front of the entrance to Sargent Gymnasium, and has for many years symbolized Bowdoin College to alumni and to the public .”

Tactile Maps

Tactile Map
Tactile maps are an aid for people who are blind or partially sighted, helping them to orient themselves and to plan routes.
Note that this one “starts” with a little orange cone at the Admissions Office.
Perhaps it will be helpful for campus tours.
Tactile Map - Top View



Professor Shakespear is teaching a really interesting course in the spring called Armature and Surface: The Body (VART 2603). You should take it!

In the first half of the semester students will sculpt a scale model as a study of the skeletal structure, muscles, and tendons comprising the human body – Écorché.

We are helping her out with a small version, to get things started…

And look how it turned out!

Écorché Audrey Shakespear