Family Weekend

Family Weekend performance was a success! Loved seeing families and friends come to our open rehearsal on Saturday. They got to see us perform four new songs, and saw how we start/continue learning a song! They even got to stand in a circle with us and listen up-close to a run-through of Pusher Love Girl and Running.  Everyone did amazingly during the Family Weekend performance, showing off many talents and bringing the end to a hectic week!
This week brings our performance at Take Back the Night, a candlelight vigil for sexual assault survivors. Two weeks from now comes a very highly-anticipated event, BURSURKA!
Keep your eyes out for a video on Bowdoin’s Youtube channel of yesterday’s Family Weekend full performance, where you can check out the other acapella groups, dance groups, and Taiko drumming.

Presidential Inauguration

We’ve been preparing for this weekend’s presidential inauguration for Bowdoin’s new president, Clayton S. Rose. This Thursday, October 15, will feature all the acapella groups in a musical performance that is not to be missed! BOKA will be bringing back Welcome Home (Radical Face) from last spring, with two new songs, Don’t Wait (Mapei) and Raise it Up (from the movie August Rush). We’re super excited for our new members to experience their first of many performances with us!
Keep your eyes out for a video recording on Bowdoin’s Youtube channel!

For those who want more information on the Inauguration Weekend, check out Bowdoin’s official inauguration website.
If you want to watch the acapella concert, it will be streamed live here.


After a long week of auditioning and call-backs, we are SO EXCITED to announce this year’s BOKA babies, Isaac and Isabel, class of 2019!!
We are so ready to get back to a normal schedule and start singing!

Congratulations once again to Isabel and Isaac, as well as all the others who are now part of Ursus, Meddies, Longfellows and Miscellania. Welcome to acapella at Bowdoin!


everyone who was there!! The chapel was packed – people were sitting on the floor right in front of the stage. Our energy really comes from you guys!
Every group SLAYED and we hope we convinced you to audition this coming Monday and Tuesday!!!
Join the slayage. Join BOKA.

Auditions are Monday and Tuesday from 8:30 – 10:30 (about 5 or 10 minute slots). Sign up sheets are in the Pickering Room aka Hubbard West. Go into Hubbard Hall, up the grand staircase and turn right and go all the way down the hall. Auditions will be held in that room. Call-backs will be Wednesday at a TBD time, and new recruits will be welcomed the next day!

GOOD LUCK and we hope to see you all on Monday/Tuesday!!


This Saturday, September 12 will be the annual GREENSTOCK event on Coe quad! Let’s spend some time outside in this heat (that won’t be around for much longer), get some gelato, listen to music, eat and be merry.

Here’s the promotional poster!
coe quad bbq

First Week

The first real week of school begins tomorrow, and although it may be a difficult transition back to the grind, reward yourself with the dulcet tones of Bellamafia, Urses Verses, Meddiebempsters, Longfellows, Miscellania and US on Friday at 7 pm! That’s right, the all-acapella recruitment concert is fast approaching and just around the corner from that are three days of auditioning!

More detailed information about auditions will arrive closer to the date – keep your eyes peeled for some seriously classy* posters!

Good luck in classes!

*CLASSY:  super awesome with 2 cups good humor, 1 tbsp. bad photoshop and a dash of Comic Sans. 

Begin again!

The insects are buzzing, Moulton is getting busier, packages are arriving, acorns are all over the ground – and don’t forget the squirrels first-years running around everywhere!
Sounds like a new fall semester at Bowdoin… and with that, a batch of singers eager to hear what Bowdoin has to offer in the way of acapella.

The recruitment concert is at the end of next week, and auditions are soon to follow.
Warm up those golden pipes of yours and show us what you’ve got!

The end.

Thank you, everyone who was a member of our audience anytime during this whole year, and at last night’s concert. You make our time on stage enjoyable with your cheering!
We will miss our only senior greatly, and fall will also cause some rising juniors to go abroad, but are very excited to have three people returning from their semester/year abroad and to audition some fresh blood.
We have two more events before our year officially closes: recording tomorrow (Happy Mother’s Day!), and our final BOKA-Q.
Thank you once again and the next post will hopefully be as Fall 2015 kicks off with some impressive auditions!!