Upcoming Concerts

BOKA is teaming up with the Meddiebempsters for a concert next Thursday, April 7!
We will be debuting another senior solo, and possibly another surprise song.

We will also be singing with Miscellania in a few weeks, some keep your eyes out for a facebook event.

Check out the MeddieBOKsters facebook event here!


Last night’s concert went great! There was a great turnout and the Manic Optimists were amazing!
Thanks everyone for coming to support us and Ursus and for giving a group from Bates a chance ūüôā

Thanks to Isaac for coordinating with his brother to help bring ManOps to Bowdoin!
Videos from the concert will be up soon.
That’s all for now until after Spring Break, see you in a few weeks!


A little late to report – but the recordings BOKA made throughout last year at The Studio (Portland, ME) have finally arrived and live in a folder in Dropbox. If you would like to hear these recordings, email one or both of our fearless leaders:

[email protected]
Zac Watson ’16 – Business Manager

[email protected]
Hallie Schaeffer ’16 – Musical Director

Kicking off Spring 2016!

Welcome back, everyone! It was quite an adjustment back from break, but we’re muddling through. We are ridiculously excited to welcome back all our juniors from their semester abroad (Kyra, Jono, Caroline, Savannah and Liam)!
We’re starting the semester off right away learning all the senior solos – first rehearsal is tomorrow!
Check out our list of senior solos on our Repertoire page!


Bursurka was a success! We debuted two new songs, “Swimming” by Florence + the Machine and “Hooked on a Feeling” by Blue Swede. The soloists were Schaeffer ’16 and Litts ’18, respectively.
The next BOKA gig is our fall final concert, followed by the all-acapella winter concert.
Thanks to Ursus to singing with us!

Love Heals

We just got back from a¬†lovely¬†concert at St. Paul’s church. We launched¬†their Human Trafficking Workshop that goes from 10 – 2pm today, featuring Becca Stevens as the keynote speaker. ¬†They’re doing wonderful work there! We got to donate $100 to a charity of our choice.
This concert could not be more appropriate after all the incidents in Paris, Beirut, and campuses around the country. We will get through this tough time if we stick together and love each other.
On that note, ¬†we want to thank all of our audience members for supporting us and bringing us energy in our performances, 24 College Street for hosting the candlelight vigil and allowing us into their space to sing, St. Paul’s for having this workshop and asking us to perform, and Zac and Hallie for keeping us on track and scheduling all these events!

Some side notes:
– Amazing performance by Isabel last night in Sondheim on Sondheim!
– BURSURKA is this coming Thursday!