I have always wanted to ride but have never taken lessons.  Can I still join the Equestrian team?

Yes! Each show is set up to provide an opportunity for all riders to participate.  Even beginners are able to show in walk/trot classes, so the Bowdoin Equestrian team is looking for all levels of riders.  Lessons at Underwood Farm are available for all skill levels on safe lesson horses.  If you love horses and would like to learn how to ride, you are welcome to participate in the Bowdoin Equestrian Team.

Do I need my own horse to ride at Bowdoin?

No, you do not need to have a horse to ride in lessons or shows.  Underwood Farm provides lesson horses which will travel with us to shows.

If I have my own horse, can I bring it to school?

Sure! Underwood Farm offers boarding and there are a number of other barns located around Brunswick that we would be happy to give you more information about.  Full board in Maine is around $400 – $600.  There are many different types of facilities available which suit all styles of riding, from Western to Hunter or Eventing.

How much does Equestrian cost?

The Equestrian team is committed to providing any student with the opportunity to ride no matter their financial situation. Recently, the club received additional funds to not only pay for the cost of lessons for each member, but for show and equipment costs as well.

Are there tryouts for the team?

No.  The Equestrian Team accepts all levels of rider, regardless of experience or physical ability.

What are shows like?

Bowdoin Equestrian competes in local shows that vary in size and skill level. Riders may compete in both flat and over fences classes.  Some classes offered are:

Walk-Trot – No more than 24 weeks of instruction. Never cantered or loped in a competition.

Beginner Walk-Trot-Canter – More than 24 weeks of instruction, must not have competed in a show that required them to jump more than 18″

Advanced Walk-Trot-Canter – Must not have jumped 2’9″ or higher in any competition prior to registration, must not have competed in any recognized shows.

Novice Flat & Fences – Must not have won more than five Hunter Seat Equitation classes on the flat in recognized shows. Must not have won more than six classes in any over fences classes at 3′ or higher.

Intermediate Flat & Fences – Have won more than six Hunter Seat Equitation classes on the flat, must not have won more than six classes at 3’6″ or higher.

Open Flat & Fences – Have won more than six classes over fences 3’6″ and higher in recognized competitions, have won more than six hunter seat equitation classes on the flat.

What if I want to ride but do not want to show?

All active team members are asked to show throughout the fall semester.  We understand that we’re all busy at school and want to experience the range of activities available at Bowdoin, so riders are not required to attend every show, but should either be attending the shows that they can make it to or working towards showing depending on their previous horse experience and ability level.

I am a prospective Bowdoin student.  Who should I contact about visiting or just learning more about the Equestrian team?

We would love for you to come out and see us at Bowdoin!   Whether you wish to see the barn or just talk to some of the members of our team, feel free to contact Maria Garcia at mgarcia2@bowdoin.edu or Maddie Nortz at mnortz@bowdoin.edu  for whatever questions you may have.