Back in Black – New Miscellania Album!

We are so excited to announce the official release of our new album, Back in Black! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard over the past two years!!

If you would like to order a copy for $10.00 + shipping and handling, please email Adi White at

This album features: Samantha Leahy, Katie Fitch, & Katie Kinkel (’13); Paige Gribb, Emmy Danforth, & Alexis Little (’14); Adrienne White, Emily Tucker, & Amalie MacGowan (’15); Christina Sours, Tina Davis, & Cordelia Zars (’16); Roya Moussapour & Laura Block (’17); and Julianna Burke, Wendy Dong, & Alex Belmore (’18).

Special thanks to Steve and Tim from The Studio of Portland, ME; Charlie Gaylord and Crooked Cove; Bowdoin Student Activities, Communications, IT Loaning, and the SAFC; Adrienne White and Katie Fitch for album production coordination and Emily Tucker for album art; and our Miscellania alumnae for their continued support of the group.  Thank you!!

front cover copy